Work focus.

It is interesting how when working a full show schedule of 6 or 7 days a week it’s not easy to relax the mind and chill very much. To be ready for work takes a lot of preparation of tools, props, sewing ballet shoes, fixing damaged boots &/or costumes and prepping of promotional materials like making magnets, creating/planning/styling photo shoots and learning new show skillz. The photo shoots themselves can take up to 9 hrs to do if not more though that’s a rough average for high level complex work.

When developing your brand as a performer it’s up to you what degree of attention you give to your work. That care is what defines you and can dictate the quality of your reputation and artistic value. The choice is yours what you do.

Investment is not cheap but quality is what lasts in memory of those who see your work. If an individual chooses to cut corners, be sloppy or lax, that is remembered and becomes what they are known for. You live once, make your life and work count. There’s no point to be sloppy in it when it is poorly remembered.