Chill time is good time.

I love relaxing with good books, it’s time to let a load off your shoulders and escape into a place where anything is possible. Sometimes I even wear clothing while doing so. This was a spontaneous shot, part of the same shoot as the white boot secretary concept only it was instrumental in capturing a pose for a pencil sketch done by one of the artists as a still life study.

A bit of fun..

This is one of the few times I used a rubber bit, very much a drool inducing piece of equipment that luckily doesn’t chip your teeth if you bite down super hard on it for any reason. It most definitely stops any coherent vocalizations you may have. There are a lot of different styles of gags on the market, its all about personal preference with each.

Tying up the little bits.

Nipple bondage is an interesting thing, its both very graphic & has the added fun tendency of making whoever looks at it pseudo feel it themselves. Because its an area where a lot of nerves are situated its a good idea to make sure you want to do it before doing it & also be careful & safe about the tools you use & not going beyond when you feel comfortable/safe having the ties on.

Used in pic are bamboo skewers & hemp twine.

The secretary.

This is a raw cheeky concept pic that was actually originally intended for a sketch basis for a picture. It ended up being a serious butt fetish shot. With a little cute spectacles thrown in.

Pic by Grendl/Lustrator.

The rope master.

These days I mostly work with 1 rope artist and he has been doing his creative obsession for over 10 years. Practice does make several levels of perfect & without Ryan’s skillz I’d probably be crashed on my head & hung by my toes & nose hair by breakable rafters. He’s one of the most incredible & innovative rope artists in North America. Props!! Though his hairstyle varies depending on time of the year. XD


Gotta love the shots that come out of nowhere & actually turn out darn funny.  Heh, this was one of them. Very impromptu & just outright silliness. Very secure ties, it was from one of the first rope shoots I’d ever done. Kind of an Alice in Wonky Wonderland.