Time vs budget.

One thing about upping the ante with performing that’s a bit of a pain to wrestle with is how to balance work, time off and travel that is not work focused.  I greatly wanted to go to the Venice Carnival but budget was too dead from a US contest trip to allow that. It had been my first time out of the country and so was a learning experience of heightened travel costs and hectic border crossings.

It’s a very challenging balance between what we’d love to do and what is financially/physically possible. Long travel via plane/bus is also super taxing on the system and so requires at least a day for rest and reorientation to be back on track and keep going.  Also taxing on the system dealing with time differences and changes in climate. Skin dryness is a big thing in some locations, hands and feet start cracking after a few days,  hair feeling dry and flat.

Travel priority this year will be Comicons in super trippy places and fetish events.