The Vegas dream.

The gambling capital of the world, Sin City, the entertainment capital of the world, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  A lot happens in Vegas: insane gambling, incredible hotels, fabulous shows, the seen and the unseen night and day life in a city of ridiculous extremes. Theres nothing else like it in the world and it was created that way by the people who envisioned it.

It is world renowned for fine dining, stunning 5 star hotels, incredible scenery and an allowance for extremely varied adult entertainment. Its family and adult friendly variability make it a prime destination for business meetings, corporate events and thrill seeking adventurists who have a thirst for gambling risk and crazy entertainment possibility. Bring the family on one hand and/or party like a rockstar with the other.

Vegas is a major luxury tourist destination. Its not a skin cracking dry/cold/hot heavy industry and long haul truck pitstop or fracking centre. It was established back in 1905 and grew through the first burlesque/showmanship era, the hollywood golden age, the prohibition era, the great depression and on into the neon classic it now is. Everyting about it has been extreme, its never been shy about self promotion or creation of the most extravagant entertainment ever seen.

It is home to several major in house Cirque Du Soleil troupes, it was the home of the incredible live Siegfried and Roy big cat shows and several different major showgirl revues. The setups for all the entertainment venues are catered specifically for the shows they produce: groundbreaking mechanics and sound engineers/technicians, olympic sized swimming pools, state of the art technology/training/testing facilities. In house costume design departments and good accomodations/physiotherapy facilities for artist maintenance and health.

There is also the world famous Las Vegas Showgirl Museum and Hall of Fame which houses the incredible creations by artist/creator Grant Philipo. Just a single costume from his studio runs at about $10,000 each with incredible showmanship, craftsmanship and luxurious presence. Even standing still they are mind blowing with light interaction and body structure. They are by themselves half the show.

Every detail the audience sees from performer style to decor and maintenance of the venue adds to the value of the experience. Taking the audience for granted and abusing their presence is not acceptable for any reason. All it takes is a stroll out the door to find another watering hole of more welcoming vibe and the offending location is avoided from then on. Word of mouth is powerful when negative experiences are repeated and nothing is learned from. Its a painful sign that management has limited in depth experience in their chosen business and that ownership doesn’t care and is so short sighted that they’re unbothered by the death of their business as long as short term bank is made.