The value of silence.

Its funny and sad at the same time how we tend to feel guilty about having time off and having breathing space for ourselves. When i’m not working it takes me a bit of time to unwind and decompress, pretty much to re find my sense of humour, patience and more relaxed breathing. Its best done away from people and tends to work with lack of noise of most kinds, loud music being a daily staple in the exotic dance world along with endless chatter. A quiet mind better survives under pressure and stress.

Its ridiculous to feel like its essential to justify time off yet without it temper begins to flare, sarcasm begins to boil over and self censorship disappears. Its like a warning bell of what worse fallout can pop up. Physical and emotional endurance are vital things to remain in balance to stay functioning and sane in life and work. Theres no owners manual for life with the jobs we choose.