The dangers of repetition.

I feel like an idiot for repeating the same things over and over again but unfortunately the same business model problems are rampant and not being properly dealt with. Things are not progressing in a positive way and not enough is being done to respect the foundations of the erotic entertainment business, the performers and the audience that is the life blood of the industry. Opinions are not being asked and experience is not being sought. People are puzzled why business is stagnant and dropping yet nothing is being done to logically fix the problems or reverse the already severe damage to industry reputation, safety and respect.

Building maintenance and upkeep is not being observed and properly executed Canada wide and there is no impartial governing body ensuring safety and health standards across the board that needs to be done. Stage design needs to be standardized and physically examined at each location. If its not up to code it needs to be closed and fixed until it is made so. No more excuses, no more injuries and no more hiding behind contract bullshit that says performers do their jobs at their own risk. yes we do, we wear heels and do crazy pole tricks BUT if a stage is KNOWINGLY cobbled together in a dangerous manner then it shouldn’t be allowed to be used. If an aerial fixture is incorrectly put in and the performer is injured as a result, the bar should be held totally accountable for willful ignorance and fined accordingly to ensure standards are properly adhered to.

I love dancing but I swear to god I wonder why I’m not a lawyer. Or a bar owner. I’d be seriously scary as a bar owner and my place would be pissing money. The problem is its so simple to maintain good business. It takes investment to gain a return, rape only results in a sick feeling at the end of the day and lack of respect that keeps decreasing the more it is given out.