The convenience of driving.

Practically living on buses and planes across Canada and now trickling into the US I find I am bitterly regretting not having learned how to drive around the time I was in high school. Its very much a game changer with how independent I can be with time and how much I can travel with without spending critical amounts on extra baggage costs and overweight fees.

The up side of not being my own driver is I can sleep the entire trip without the danger of driving off the road. I once was a passenger on a trip from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay and back in December and was made aware of the dangers of falling asleep at the wheel from nothing else but hypnotic snow falling and a long drive in eerie darkness. Didn’t matter being rested, the tunnel vision of darkness, the endless snow and monotony of time being suspended really threw off anyone looking at the road and made the dangers of a messy death colliding with a huge 18 wheeler from oncoming traffic very possible.