The classy/dress code audience/performance.

The funniest thing in the industry is the spectrum of audience that exists. The most ironic difference is between what is the “desired” audience and what is the actual best one for business and survival.  What is also most hilarious is the vast difference between perception and reality.

People are very fond of creating a persona, quite often the person you think is most wealthy is in fact the poorest one in the bar and the person who looks the most slouchy and comfortable is in fact the one with the biggest bang for his buck.

The problem with the current shift of bar atmosphere is it alienates the most profitable and long term dedicated audience members from their favourite watering holes while trying to cater to newer clientele.  The difficulty is creating a balanced and inclusive atmosphere that is both welcoming of older favorites and comfortable for newer blood. Its a delicate balance.

The spectrum of performance is also fascinating: often there is a difference between what the owner wants/likes personally and what their clientele is interested in. What is classically funny is the most polished audience member who sits quietly in the least obvious spot in the bar… is the kinkiest fetishist in the building and tips big for the unusual fetish show he just saw. Its difficult to explore varied tastes when bar focus is narrow and too select. Long term survival becomes the issue at stake.