The business of entertainment.

Entertainment is a very strange animal. Its not a necessity and yet on closer inspection it very much is. When looking at the human animal you realize that we get bored very easily. The roots of the most profitable business are in video games, comic books/books, drugs, prostitution and media in all its forms. The biggest punishment for most people isn’t a spanking but to lock them up alone in a windowless room with no one to talk to and nothing to distract the mind from turning inward. The most frightening place to be is inside ones own head, no excuses or places to hide.

When getting into business the big questions are how much experience does one have in it, what is the goal of the business and what is the focus long term. Is it to make money to line your own pocket or to make a creative environment that is safe and profitable for the performers and all employees involved. Everything from building architectural integrity to wise business practice will dictate how a business is viewed by all involved.  Quality stands the test of time while rubbish does not.