The beautiful Charlotte Olympia

As a stage performer who has been dancing since the age of 5, the power and effectiveness of well fitting shoes is deeply understood and appreciated. One can accomodate an ill fitting costume or wierd music for a performance but if the shoes are fitted poorly then no go for the show.

I have learned, through wearing a LOT of different shoes for both athletics and dance, that shoes are one thing that you cannot skimp on fit or comfort. If the shoe/boot/pointe shoe/ballet slipper fits, its an investment that pays off by allowing you to move in comfort and grace with much reduced after effects of long hours on the feet.

I never had much of a shoe fetish as a child until I became a stage performer professionally, then it started to be of more interest when my clothing fascination expanded as well.

Design wise I have to say I love classic shape and elegant line but also solidity and long lasting comfort. These Charlotte Olympia shoes are beautiful examples of comfort and style. Drooling!!