The 15 year old Genie costume.

I was gifted a stage costume a few years ago that is very vintage in design and still in excellent condition. An old school  sequin and voluminous pink and gold Genie that I didn’t quite know what to do with as I always wear thigh high boots on stage to protect the knees, I took it to my good friend who is an amazing sewing goddess and was thinking of making the pants into a skirt. Cutting them up, re sewing them and adding panels to give it new life. Somehow it was never done as the right sequins never showed up to inspire the transformation.

I recently thought about trying it instead with pointe shoes as that would eliminate a full boot underneath and give the pants their original intent of flowing movement and ease of use. I haven’t actually tried them out yet so shall do that during my upcoming work week during practice time on stage when its not yet open in the bar. Best place to learn new show addition and ease of movement. One thing I WILL definitely need is a new pair of bottoms as somehow the original pair was epically mangled possibly by being stretched over the original wearers child’s head when they got hold of it for a sparkly wearable toy for some reason.