Prostitution recruitment.

There is an ongoing issue of random people who pop up across all bigger cities and do their best to attempt to recruit girls for their low end hooker collection. Its not nice being approached by these individuals and it chips away at ones faith in whats left of humanity. They have a habit of being from Toronto and being very indirect with how they approach the subject of working for them. Some are more smooth talking then others but the gist is basic and clear cut. Work for them and ooohhh so much money will be on the table.

Its totally fine if anyone wants to be a sex worker ON THEIR OWN TERMS AND BEING THEIR OWN BOSS but when there’s ANYONE being a knowing recruiter then thats not cool. ¬†That should be rewarded by a nice visit to a back alley where the pimp gets their knees blown out and their hands stapled to a plank that would be secured around their neck. Crows could always use a bigger meal.

The justice system does nothing for such obscenity, same goes for repeat sexual offenders. Safety should be an issue of basic human standards. Sadly its nothing more then an issue of shuffled budget and internal politicking.