Performance nerves and focus.

The key to good  performance is to look like there is no effort at all. If it looks hard your not doing it right. The weird part about performance is when you practice and kind of know a move or routine but go on stage then your mind tosses knowledge/skill out the door and you fall back on basic movement vs experimentation and risk. It takes YEARS of training to build up wider muscle memory that overcomes nervous regression.

It’s funny how I remember early ballet class, groups of girls piled in the corner and we had to go diagonal across the floor again and again andagain&againagainagain. All the relentless repetition built strong muscle memory and is priceless for re learning skillz that are dormant and just need practice to bubble to the surface once again.

I admit I really wish my mum had ignored the doctors advice after my ankle injury and just given me a year off training, going back full time would have helped so much with building stronger pointe skillz vs the cut off at relatively basic level. Picking it up again several years later is an interesting skill renewal process.