Mourning the loss of Sharkwater director Rob Stewart.

As humans we have the unfortunate hubris of believing ourselves immortal. Untouchable. Eternal. We forget that everything we do impacts others, our words and deeds, the simplicity of our actions that cross nations and cultures. The power of some transcends the actions of the majority and touches lives in ways unseen until paths shift and we learn more how to be.

Rob lived and breathed his love of the ocean, his work from the simplest still image to the movies he has done showed the respect and reverence he had in every frame. Many of us will never swim with sharks or dive into the sea like a rubber ducky in a bathtub but he did and because of his dedication he revealed the beauty of the oceans and the fallibility of human systems and our fluid place in the worlds cycle. Your questions, curiosity and research enlightened where knowledge was lacking, your learning is truly a vital gift.

I wish I could turn back time and that some miracle could have changed the outcome of your last dive. I wish you had stopped sooner and called it a day to continue the next day. But it wasn’t to be.

Your work lives on and inspires as you did in life, the quality and power will inspire all who see it. The power you created is the beauty of the oceans as you see them. In that you’ve touched millions with expressive spirit as you gave yours to create it. Swim free in the ocean you have always loved. You will be missed.