Loss.. Vayda Kiss.

Learned of the death of an amazing performer and friend Vayda Kiss today after work, we were getting ready to head out when my friend checked her Facebook and saw news of the loss. Neither of us had expected it as we didn’t know her well, only knowing her from a distance and talking with her a few times. She was incredibly inspiring regardless of the distance, her spirit touched many people and her bubbliness and joy was infectious.

The news inspired a discussion in our room regarding life and how fragile it really is. How we think there’s all the time in the world when really its not. How strong we think ourselves when we’re just mortal human.

The most powerful thing we leave behind is the quality we have given our life and the respect we have earned by simply being the best we could be. By inspiring others, that is the finest memory to give, to bring strength by example, elegance and grace.

Vayda was humble, honest and real. Shaking with fear before doing a show that would blow minds out the door, she worked incredibly hard at her craft and won acclaim through guts, determination and drive.

Rest in peace my friend, always remember that the wind loves you and the sky is free.