Industry respect in entertainment.

How we are treated in the industry has a lot to do with our own behaviour and what we allow to occur. You need to earn respect from colleagues and the audience and command it as well.

Disrespect that is allowed and easily forgiven just keeps going and never ends until its consciously stopped by those it directly effects. Being passive and hoping things change doesn’t change a thing, only recognizing ones boundaries and standing by them reinforces limits.

Also interesting as a model and performer, the difference between attitudes from photographers when I was naive and unaware that I could say no to a pose of nudity/semi nudity that I didn’t like vs now that I control a large percentage of the work I participate in. Ignorance is not bliss as speaking up and refusing poor quality work isn’t liked by those who wish to take advantage of vulnerable/nude presentation. When a photographer says “oh you can look at the pics and if you don’t like it then I can delete it later.” That is a fail. The second the picture is taken, you no longer have any say in it.  If you want control of your brand and image, do the research on who you want to work with and go from there. Don’t compromise on how you want to be represented. Its how you direct your brand from the start that counts.

Performers in the entertainment industry are often not viewed with the same perceptions as the rest of the population. People unfortunately like to see train wrecks and melt downs, its a darker entertainment that fuels the negative voyeuristic part of human nature. Its sad to see people in distress that aren’t helped out of their plight but left to continue as long as money is still to be made. Its up to you to help yourself. People that have themselves together are also less likely to make foolish business decisions or regret their actions later on.

The ironic part is artists that have stood up for themselves whether it be in quality control or legal right, safety and pay for the work they do have often gotten blacklisted, defamed, banned or fired for speaking up for themselves and their rights. The general public overall being completely unaware of the behind the scenes politics that shapes the industry and the choices available within it. Quite often speaking up comes at the cost of ones career but makes a positive impact on the industry and careers of future performers. Its a very difficult line to toe.