Hard vs soft. Feminine vs masculine.

Hard vs soft. Feminine vs masculine and dominant vs submissive. Oddly enough this dichotomy is both animal instinct and yet pivotal to human interaction and understanding. Its something that crosses the boundaries between instinct and consciousness, comfort and discomfort.

The problem I run into as a fetish performer who also does classic burlesque a la Sally Rand is that I straddle the fence both sides from hard style to soft. Some people will be offended when I do my full out hot wax show but will love my soft feather fan show. The difficult thing is I do both styles as they are intrinsic of my mind set and personal tastes. I can’t just do one style all the time as I NEED that harder edge to balance out the stress and familiarity of shows that I’m often doing.

More veriety keeps up ¬†interest for both the performer and the audience. One subtle key to performance success is when you know a crowd is bored from familiarity, do a show thats a guarantee of the unusual. Our purpose is to entertain, not be babysitters and keep delivering mundane and boring repetition of the same show all the time. Don’t be surprised when your audience stops coming because there’s nothing for them to see.