Fucked up entertainment service.

A large irony of the adult entertainment business, specifically exotic dance in this case, is the huge amount of exhaustive human interaction stage performers and private dancers/freelancers have to deal with on a daily basis. People call those jobs “unskilled” work but the reality is dealing with humanity in such raw atmosphere takes more skill then many more repected professions.

I did business management in downtown vancouver for about 7 years and boy, THAT was hard work with minimum wage and long hrs but not much attitude difference between customers, I was just wearing more clothing. The irony is that in any service industry you see the best and worst of humanity at any given time. Because there is no regulation on customer behaviour absolutely anything can happen. The amount of privilege and self entitlement many people have is mind blowing. The painful part is when that self entitlement and disrespect travels into the owners/managements position and destroys the business from the inside. They forget their entire purpose of existence is to positively SERVE the customer. Not disrespect them or see them as JUST a walking cash cow.

There is regrettably no regulations governing the ownership/management of a business and so a LOT of abuse takes place within its confines and is allowed because of the simple fact that people need jobs. Allowances are made when resources are needed and degradation of the business and employees begins without hindrance.

The unfortunate part is when your enjoyment of the job dwindles and your stress increases and depression/anxiety become a repeating factor. Many turn to drug/alcohol use to cope with the job and it becomes a vicious cycle of both physical and mental survival thats difficult to win. Any demons/burried psychological issues bubble to the surface and will trigger breakdowns and uncover a lot of buried memories if there are areas the person hasn’t dealt with in their own psyche. Its a very critical job that easily erodes self esteem and personal boundaries if one is not comfortable enough retaining standards you refuse to budge from.

The only thing that defines us the most in pour stage presence and performances overall is our individual skills, personalities and spiritual essence that others either connect with or run from. Trying to stuff everyone into a generic box doesn’t work, it eliminates the value of the industry and destroys the very product of the business.