Fire demo filming.

Funny how both fire demos I have so far are very much exotic dance performance reference but for Asia I need complete visual reversal with fully clothed and outdoor setting. No strip club reference at all in any way. Its more of a challenge to do simple demo in totally new setting. The first shall be done in Calgary via cell recording, the second will be I’m not sure yet. I’ll need my fire swords shipped from home to Alberta before anything can be properly planned out.

A big thing I’m nervous about is doing outdoor show without leather hand/arm protection as its proven bloody difficult to find elbow length gloves. Pants or performing will most probably be cream bamboo pants i acquired a while ago and have yet to use. They’re highly comfortable and also natural fibre so less flammable is awesome.

The fuel I’ll be using in Asia will most likely be kerosene as thats what is available vs nicer fuels. I’m most interested in the wick replacement as I’ve used the fire fans already rather a LOT so far and the fire swords are very much a full burning tool. They’re not simple to use at all.