Fetish interaction.

This is a quite delayed post, inadvertently, finally written down with some time and the right mind set to do so.

I find generic interaction to be rather bland. Expected actions that go through the motions and don’t have much soul or interest within them are extremely lacklustre. Its boring. There’s nothing unusual about it and it blends together into nothing.

Fetish is many faceted, its many layered and requires a lot of insight, understanding and instinctual guidance to appreciate fully. Its not connected with real life overall but is an exploration of the facets of our subconscious that drives us but at the same time scares us. It takes a lot of courage to take the time to self examine ones fears and attractions.

Attraction and sensuality cannot be faked. Its either real and inspiring or flat. I find no greater high then the exploration of the unknown and the revelation of vulnerability and raw reaction. Honest surrender and feedback is truly precious as its so very rare.