Experienced hot wax performance.

I love hot wax performance, its visually striking, at once personal and intensely voyeuristic. It also does require elements of pain as I don’t use sex wax, which melts into a jam/slick oil consistency, but more hardened organic non/minimal petroleum waxes for my shows.

The wax melts and then re-hardens once it lands on the skin. It is then scraped off by hand as it is somewhat fragile in thin poured drops. I am always careful to keep the show contained on a large blanket so it doesn’t flake off onto the stage and someone else wipes out as a result. I have done so many wax shows it’s down to a science of pour and cleanup.

The interesting thing most people are perhaps unaware of with wax is that it is never simply “wax”. All candles are specific mixtures of wax, hardener and perfume. The perfume type and hardener interact and will dictate the temperature of the candle melt so before doing any wax play it is advisable to test the candle wax on a non vulnerable arm and ask your partner what are their thoughts on pain levels and interest.

Safe fun only!! Be aware, I always test candles before melting them anywhere that may be uncomfortable if done wrong.