Creative survival.

An interesting thing about survival in the business of entertainment is what it takes. Is it just about having a pretty face and body or is it about being young and gullible. Or is it about knowing the right people and doing as you’re told when its told to you. The ultimate test of survival is time and enduring relevance in human fascination and fantasy.

Never mind about being a PG rated entertainer but does the show entertain? Does it get people talking and wanting to see more of it? Can you reinvent yourself and float doesn’t matter where you go? Kissing ass and dumbing down creativity is playing it safe but ultimately its self defeating. Nobody remembers mediocrity.

The entire point of entertainment is escape, people want a cathartic fantasy that taps into their dreams, their desires and their fears. They want a full experience where they can leave the show FEELING something more then what they came in the door. Its a distraction from everyday life, the stress of the job, bills and the safe normalcy of reality. Money is spent when that escape is created. Everything from drugs to white water rafting is a gateway of escape and a taste of freedom with adrenaline. When a performer can tap into that vein of fantastical escape, thats gold. Its a lifetime obsession for those who really live their work.