Creative excitement.

The funny thing about performing is when you master certain skills to a comfortable level and have a need to learn a totally new skill set. I have done feather fans and asian silk fans as well as hot wax and my 3 fire shows so much that I find a completely new outlet for exploration is essential. Ballet pointe is an ongoing process as I had stopped full time ballet training at a crucial point so that skill set is always in much need of practice and evolution.

Fire performance I began to do 5 years ago and is a major addiction.  It has become a quest to seek out the most unusual skills to investigate and see if I have an affinity for it or not. A lot has to do with the comfort and familiarity with certain movements and also the varying weights of the different props available. Its a delicate balance between things that are designed too light or too heavy for comfortable use. Personally I like a respectable weight so I can feel the heft of the prop but not so light that I can barely get a feel for the show.

Another tricky issue with prop purchase and testing is that most things are available via internet purchase which is great except for the fact that it eliminates the ability to test out the item and get a feel for how you like it or not. Its never good to like how something looks then have it arrive after purchase and be completely the wrong feel for use. Its something you’d have to return because discomfort with the item would kill any desire to work with it and could cause injury if it isn’t the right design.