Creative attention vs detachment.

The balance between creativity and emptiness is difficult, there is only so much time to devote to high energy thoughts before a break is needed. There’s a big difference between the creativity for a new show concept and the more long lasting creativity of both still image and continual story creation.

In dance the only test is to perform it live and adjust the idea as it goes with the raw input from the audience, more 2D creations have a very limited screw up window as there is no pre publish setting. Single images area easier to work with then a fully realized book as the book must be a complete setup on its own.  I’m beginning to understand why books often take years to create vs the hrs of still images.

The tricky part of creation is getting sick of your own work when its been in your head for a while and have gone over and over it till you know it inside out. That is when its good to have outside input to make sure your idea is solid and not just an ego trip that will fall flat once released to the public.