Crazy new show planning.

The funny thing about planning new shows is what ideas to come up with. There’s using comfortable costumes that are classic go to’s for basic shows then there’s the exploration of full sequin and more intricate designs with ornate headpieces or flowing capes for more unreal entertainment visuals. The fun balance it between beautiful vs intimidating and darker concepts.

There’s a strong temptation to create a Witchking costume, a mind blowing Sailor Moon would be awesome and tricky to do as it wouldn’t be the typical basic level that is so often seen, she has several levels whenever she gains new power. So beautiful!! Yes I am a legit Sailor Moon geek, started that in 10th grade and haven’t stopped. She-Ra is a classic from childhood as well.


The real fun part is matching strong visuals with equally strong and effective music. Thats an odd skill that takes time to learn and consciously recognize what works and what doesn’t vs what is your mood of the minute.