Costume choices.

Loving sequins as I do its very difficult to not go bat shit getting insane designs of amazing ideas created into wearable life.  Its ultimately a balance between costumes/concepts that are most practical to wear and have the most powerful impact. A Wonder Woman costume is still in the works, as is Mortal Kombat Tanya, Elektra is on the way and an UBER mind blowing Marie Antoinette is also on the menu. None of them simple or seen before to that level. I also have deep love for the Akasha Queen on the Damned character. She’s so iconic, gorgeous, sinuous and strong while having very ethnic/classic style.

All can be used for both stage and comicon as well as in parade or other performance venue.

Would also love to do a Witchking of Angmar in full awesome billowing style. That would be amazing and such a headache to design/travel with.

Another part of me really wants to create a full on shimmering armour Red Sonja after seeing the beautiful metal bra a friend/amazing craftsman did. So awesome!! Couldn’t just leave it at a bra and skirt though, would have to expand into shoulder pieces, underbust, helmet, cape, belt, thong..

The fun never ends!!