Continuation of ballet training.

Going back into ballet training after a major pelvis injury is an incredible experience. You can’t hide any body weakness or pretend that something kind of works. Going through classic warmup exercises really helps the body to re stabilize and re familiarize with physical muscle memory roots.

I quit at age 11 which was when pointe training was beginning and so have a very rudimentary skill level knowledge of pointe work for a full performance. Its fascinating coming at it now as an adult and a full time stage performer with years of very different movement experience and adding that into ballet training. Its no longer about learning systematic choreography but integrating classical movement style with flowing musicality.

A vital part of having a trainer is their experience and ability to say when movement looks wrong and is incorrect. When performing it is often wise to film ones own performance to get an understanding of how the show looks vs just doing it without actually knowing body alignment. When in training the feedback is direct and so is innovation. The key is a lot of practice.