Comicon travels.

Comicons are super awesome experiences, very educational of the talent out there to see and speak with as well as possibly collaborate with at some future time. I greatly appreciate being able to see artists and their raw work/process  in such an awesome gathering. It gives greater depth then just buying a finished graphic novel.

I also got the distinct hard core deja vu reminder when in Winnipeg Comicon manning a booth that unfortunately, after over 8 years of full time retail in downtown Vancouver I am SO utterly done with the sales industry I just couldn’t do it again in any format. I love interacting with the crowd while dressed in insane costumes but no longer behind any counter on the feet for 8hrs.  Back muscles also got pissed off because of hard floor and minimal movement as well.

All in all, very much part of the valuable life lessons that happen when least expected and experience remains the most ultimate teacher.