Classic sparkle and feathers.

Before I became a stage performer I was a very shy and simple colour wearing dresser. I wasn’t comfortable wearing dresses or bright colours and was not inclusive to having sequins in the closet at all. I wore a lot of pants and turtle necks, they were very comfy but also very practical and warm but not flashy.

Becoming a performer is requisit with getting into sparkle and the bigger the show the better. I now have an addiction with striking colours, LOTS of sparkle and making the costume as visually/theatrically maximum wow factor as possible. Unfortunately that tends to make equally jaw dropping extra baggage costs on most modes of transport but thats unavoidable. Sadly teleportation is as yet a Sci Fi dream. I’d use it till the poor machine blew a fuse..

This costume is a mystery overall, its a classic old school festoon of gorgeousness and always appreciated when an opportunity arises to care for such vintage pieces. Audiences always appreciate the glitter of mystery.