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Emotional catharsis and connection.

Writing is a weird medium when you think about it. Its creating endless possibility out of bunches letters with punctuation on a blank page. Words that can have immeasurable impact. They can heal or destroy, devastate or inspire. And they come from nothing but the living mind, its thoughts and fears, dreams and possibilities. Long after the body is dust the words will remain and their impact will continue. Only words that connect remain forever.

Though its not a physically taxing act, to write, it is connection through emotion. To link ideas and plot together that moves from the inside in ways that are unexpected. Those are both brilliant and unsettling, wanted yet unwanted moments of inspiration.


Its funny, music isn’t a solid thing. Its not a physical brick you can drop on a foot but its intangible with the power to control and direct our deepest emotions through its tone and instruments, a scene without music loses a great deal of its power. Music on its own controls the life of imagination. Though its power whole universes are woven and spun, created or destroyed. Love and fear, unease , terror and incandescent joy.

Writing headspace.

The weird thing about writing is that its almost like being possessed by some weird spirit of dreams and thought. Huge triggers are music, films, life experience, intense discussions, a picture, in a book or something fleeting but somehow persistent in the mind. Its hard to do on command but can be directed when you know what is the mood to go towards and what is the idea to be traced. Its good to have a plan outline to understand rough direction but it can happen that when mid writing it just refuses to play out as originally thought of. Its weird when that happens but instead of battering on and refusing to change concepts its good to take a step back and think of other possibilities. If it wants to go in a certain direction then it will flow with a little inspiration. Then its good to go over it and make sure the concept is logically connected.

Film project.

We co wrote 3 short film scripts and they are very cyclic in their linear linkage. The interesting part is contemplating if they should remain as 3 short films or be melded into a single film that in essence becomes a flow of time through 3 different concepts. The decades would be linear as would the stories presented. The fun part is getting the details correct in each so they are exact: location as well as props like cell phones, clothing, hair, set decor. Its still in foundation discussion as yet which allows for complete creative exploration leeway. It boils down to practicality and how the finished result would be most effective for story telling and audience connection.

School shootings.

Its so strange how the kids that SURVIVED school shootings and are pushing their government to enact laws to protect future students and children are now getting death threats by the public that stood by and watched as every year so many people get shot to death for no reason in schools when the entire point of a school is to be a safe LEARNING environment. Its not supposed to be a pre set killing ground. Such a strange irony that for some reason isn’t computing much. Its definitely up to the kids most directly effected to take their own future in their hands and push as they can to get the job done because as it happens far too much, the only way to get the job done is wade in and do it yourself when you have the first hand experience. Nobody will do it for you.

Insanity in creation.

One definite thing that is quite unsettling and also greatly enlightening is the fact that no matter what idea has been done in any medium it HAS already been thought of. Though it might perhaps be quite obscure. Writing a horror graphic novel is a revelation in the extent of human darkness and frightening in how far reaching that reality is actually portrayed though that actually DOES vary a great deal. We may think we are exploring quite extreme areas but a bit of research reveals that other classic material is far more graphic. It will definitely be incredibly interesting as the project progresses how far we actually go when each new segment is explored to its fullest potential.

Short vs Feature.

Hah, big issue with feature film creation of course is budget limitations. Theres the vast difference between what you’d like to do vs what you can do. Getting big studio backing results in much less creative control then if you fund as much as possible yourself or have a massive established name. Short films are much easier to fund yourself but are only so long and are pretty much a taste of plot and skills available.

Personally I see shorts as a way to gather crew and skills and concept ideas to see if an idea can work and to build reputation and content. Doing a full feature is definitely the goal but outside control is an issue that requires a lot of thought before bringing more concrete work to the table.


The strangest process creatively to do is casting. Its necessary to bring a character to life but Its based on multiple levels: the voice of a person, pitch and tone, accent and inflection. The presence both physical and emotional of the actor, if someone is too bland its not going to work. They need a spark to make their role stick. The right body type for the character is important especially in still images. Its a fine line between an image that has to sell and the pleasure of the eye with lines and shape. It has to work aesthetically. Being politically correct doesn’t work in actual practice. Its either full on or go home.

Cyclic history.

One thing that puzzles me incredibly is the irony of history. How we are now so modern and yet in many ways have gone in reverse. World over cultures that were incredibly advanced have regressed hundreds of years in their systems. How we have all our complex technology and yet refuse to understand the most basic laws of life. We repeat the same wars and violence that have continued for millennia and make excuses for never changing.

Creative value.

Its strange how the focus of the media and the public is on the actors so much. Without a solid crew there would be nothing. No lighting, sound or picture. Good acting is priceless but setting, lighting and details that make up the entire value of the world we see are the essence of the production. It gives the eye truth that otherwise wouldn’t exist. It creates ¬†reality where it doesn’t actually exist.