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Short vs Feature.

Hah, big issue with feature film creation of course is budget limitations. Theres the vast difference between what you’d like to do vs what you can do. Getting big studio backing results in much less creative control then if you fund as much as possible yourself or have a massive established name. Short films are much easier to fund yourself but are only so long and are pretty much a taste of plot and skills available.

Personally I see shorts as a way to gather crew and skills and concept ideas to see if an idea can work and to build reputation and content. Doing a full feature is definitely the goal but outside control is an issue that requires a lot of thought before bringing more concrete work to the table.


The strangest process creatively to do is casting. Its necessary to bring a character to life but Its based on multiple levels: the voice of a person, pitch and tone, accent and inflection. The presence both physical and emotional of the actor, if someone is too bland its not going to work. They need a spark to make their role stick. The right body type for the character is important especially in still images. Its a fine line between an image that has to sell and the pleasure of the eye with lines and shape. It has to work aesthetically. Being politically correct doesn’t work in actual practice. Its either full on or go home.

Cyclic history.

One thing that puzzles me incredibly is the irony of history. How we are now so modern and yet in many ways have gone in reverse. World over cultures that were incredibly advanced have regressed hundreds of years in their systems. How we have all our complex technology and yet refuse to understand the most basic laws of life. We repeat the same wars and violence that have continued for millennia and make excuses for never changing.

Creative value.

Its strange how the focus of the media and the public is on the actors so much. Without a solid crew there would be nothing. No lighting, sound or picture. Good acting is priceless but setting, lighting and details that make up the entire value of the world we see are the essence of the production. It gives the eye truth that otherwise wouldn’t exist. It creates  reality where it doesn’t actually exist.

Content change.

This originally started as a showgirl page and as my life is shifting I find myself going in another direction then originally intended. Creativity is the primary goal of my life and thats where my goals are  flowing largely into issues of controversy and away from settled neutrality.

Accidental opportunity.

I was approached by a Vancouver Film School student to participate in a short film with a small part and was excited to see what a compact film production would be like to participate in. It was awesome, very intimate level of  interaction when the crew was so tight knit and it was not a big sprawling production. Very much a learning process heightened by the experience of having a “speaking” part without any speaking but instead sign language. I’ve never learned that as a necessity and so it was a challenge to learn very different communication to what is otherwise normal in everyday life. I was holding/working with a prop and had to remember to put it down in order to communicate vs the usual open the mouth and talk. Much respect to such a different mode of communication.

The dangers of repetition.

I feel like an idiot for repeating the same things over and over again but unfortunately the same business model problems are rampant and not being properly dealt with. Things are not progressing in a positive way and not enough is being done to respect the foundations of the erotic entertainment business, the performers and the audience that is the life blood of the industry. Opinions are not being asked and experience is not being sought. People are puzzled why business is stagnant and dropping yet nothing is being done to logically fix the problems or reverse the already severe damage to industry reputation, safety and respect.

Building maintenance and upkeep is not being observed and properly executed Canada wide and there is no impartial governing body ensuring safety and health standards across the board that needs to be done. Stage design needs to be standardized and physically examined at each location. If its not up to code it needs to be closed and fixed until it is made so. No more excuses, no more injuries and no more hiding behind contract bullshit that says performers do their jobs at their own risk. yes we do, we wear heels and do crazy pole tricks BUT if a stage is KNOWINGLY cobbled together in a dangerous manner then it shouldn’t be allowed to be used. If an aerial fixture is incorrectly put in and the performer is injured as a result, the bar should be held totally accountable for willful ignorance and fined accordingly to ensure standards are properly adhered to.

I love dancing but I swear to god I wonder why I’m not a lawyer. Or a bar owner. I’d be seriously scary as a bar owner and my place would be pissing money. The problem is its so simple to maintain good business. It takes investment to gain a return, rape only results in a sick feeling at the end of the day and lack of respect that keeps decreasing the more it is given out.

Mourning the loss of Sharkwater director Rob Stewart.

As humans we have the unfortunate hubris of believing ourselves immortal. Untouchable. Eternal. We forget that everything we do impacts others, our words and deeds, the simplicity of our actions that cross nations and cultures. The power of some transcends the actions of the majority and touches lives in ways unseen until paths shift and we learn more how to be.

Rob lived and breathed his love of the ocean, his work from the simplest still image to the movies he has done showed the respect and reverence he had in every frame. Many of us will never swim with sharks or dive into the sea like a rubber ducky in a bathtub but he did and because of his dedication he revealed the beauty of the oceans and the fallibility of human systems and our fluid place in the worlds cycle. Your questions, curiosity and research enlightened where knowledge was lacking, your learning is truly a vital gift.

I wish I could turn back time and that some miracle could have changed the outcome of your last dive. I wish you had stopped sooner and called it a day to continue the next day. But it wasn’t to be.

Your work lives on and inspires as you did in life, the quality and power will inspire all who see it. The power you created is the beauty of the oceans as you see them. In that you’ve touched millions with expressive spirit as you gave yours to create it. Swim free in the ocean you have always loved. You will be missed.

The business of business suicide.

Catchy title but I’m seeing this situation more and more of an issue in everything from cars to strip clubs and too many industries in between. The understanding of business is dissolving so fast thats its not even funny. From starved ground its expected to somehow sprout the garden of Eden. Its expected that a piece of paper gives blank authority to do everything one wants and have it guaranteed to be right. Experience and wise council is seen as antique and useless when those are the foundation built from  hard earned lessons already experienced.

Hook suspension vs rope bondage suspension.

I was first introduced to bondage and BDSM overall via the movie “The Cell” by Tarsem. Its a visual feast exploring some extreme hook suspension in a key scene, its an erotic taste not many openly explore and definitely hits a squick spot of extreme graphic quality that can be too much. I appreciate it from a visual sense but physically its never been my thing for multiple reasons. Both rope and hook suspension explore Zen trance through pain in very different ways.

Rope bondage originated from Japanese military usage to keep prisoners from any vague form of escape, it just accidentally happened to have a big kink factor to it that is both erotic and soothing. The only difference between the brutality of hard torture vs enjoyed sensuality is the choice of consent. That makes all the difference. And so the hard art evolved into current times and is renewed into another art form entirely.

Hook suspension is a wholly different art form, also respecting rules of consent, its much more tricky to get into then rope as its practice is far more specialized.