Business investment, Part 1

Business at its heart is an art form, very much like the art of war. You can’t just go in, arms flailing or waiving big guns and expect to win long term. Short term you may get in but can that be maintained? Is the business filling a niche market or is it degrading its original purpose and disrespecting everything and everyone that made it worth anything to begin with?

Entertainment is a difficult business involving many layers and requiring respect from all involved. Without that foundation of wanting to create overall incredible results, the business will never reach its full potential because of internal failings. Without entertainers there is no entertainment and thus, no business.

Stage performance is the art of live entertainment. Regardless of the type of physicality of the show the main point is the skill involved. It takes years to master the craft of beautiful movement, whether it is self taught learning or with dance class background the result takes the investment of time to build up. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, pain and perseverance goes into being an engaging performer. The audience appreciates genuine skill and care. Its that fantastical human connection and elevation thats priceless.  That is irreplaceable. It gives a high like no other and is priceless for the performer. The more energy the performer gives, the more the audience cycles back and its an odd flow of feedback that gives to all involved.

The degradation of performance is when someone is on the stage and expects tips yet has put minimal effort into being entertaining. Granted its a two way street that also benefits from a positive audience but thats not always guaranteed. A big test of entertainment quality is still being engaging while feeling not 100%. The key is finding the centre for proper breathing, fluid motion and concentration. Its a bit harder then it looks, taking a lot of practice to master.