Bigger shows.

Funny thing about being an audience per on is that we want to be entertained. That is the entire reason you go into a place with entertainers. You don’t want to be bored or see endless processions of generic garbage. That’s cheap and boring. Big shows are the ultimate escape and are always amazing to see. The fun part is being both a performer AND an audience member. You see what is amazing and massively question yourself on how big should you go. How big CAN you go and how big can you physically and financially afford to go.

Its a tough balance as well between what shows are most entertaining: uber silly, gut busting funny or more intense darker/imposing/graceful shows. How big should props be, how many props, how many skills should be demonstrated, how much is too much but how little is too little. The difficulty comes into play with the size/complexity increase of the show. It takes more time to prep and more time to clean up/organize afterward. If anyone has a private dance quota they have to meet and exceed then show prep WILL cut into dances sold, its a given and unavoidable.

It boils down to what is most valuable: more dances sold or a more entertained crowd that will stay longer in the bar, be return customers, truly enjoy their time and highly recommend the location as a positive and enjoyable experience to their friends and anyone visiting that they may know who would possibly be interested.

This week I’m learning first hand the power of a BIG show by ¬†amazing performers with a strong array of skills who bust out the full monty and blows the audience out of the water with awesomeness. Its really forcing me to take a look at the skills I have and what I could have, what I do and what I COULD do. Its incredibly humbling and very awe inspiring. True showmanship is very rare and so is incredibly positive attitude and generosity. Its so valuable and worth its weight in gold in any field of business.