Short vs Feature.

Hah, big issue with feature film creation of course is budget limitations. Theres the vast difference between what you’d like to do vs what you can do. Getting big studio backing results in much less creative control then if you fund as much as possible yourself or have a massive established name. Short films are much easier to fund yourself but are only so long and are pretty much a taste of plot and skills available.

Personally I see shorts as a way to gather crew and skills and concept ideas to see if an idea can work and to build reputation and content. Doing a full feature is definitely the goal but outside control is an issue that requires a lot of thought before bringing more concrete work to the table.


The strangest process creatively to do is casting. Its necessary to bring a character to life but Its based on multiple levels: the voice of a person, pitch and tone, accent and inflection. The presence both physical and emotional of the actor, if someone is too bland its not going to work. They need a spark to make their role stick. The right body type for the character is important especially in still images. Its a fine line between an image that has to sell and the pleasure of the eye with lines and shape. It has to work aesthetically. Being politically correct doesn’t work in actual practice. Its either full on or go home.