Cyclic history.

One thing that puzzles me incredibly is the irony of history. How we are now so modern and yet in many ways have gone in reverse. World over cultures that were incredibly advanced have regressed hundreds of years in their systems. How we have all our complex technology and yet refuse to understand the most basic laws of life. We repeat the same wars and violence that have continued for millennia and make excuses for never changing.

Creative value.

Its strange how the focus of the media and the public is on the actors so much. Without a solid crew there would be nothing. No lighting, sound or picture. Good acting is priceless but setting, lighting and details that make up the entire value of the world we see are the essence of the production. It gives the eye truth that otherwise wouldn’t exist. It creates  reality where it doesn’t actually exist.

Content change.

This originally started as a showgirl page and as my life is shifting I find myself going in another direction then originally intended. Creativity is the primary goal of my life and thats where my goals are  flowing largely into issues of controversy and away from settled neutrality.