Actually visiting Vegas!

Its hilarious actually going to the Vegas strip clubs and seeing their policies and system in action that the Alberta clubs are so desperate to copy vs being original. Its very clear the difference in regulations between the 2 locations. Canada is full nude dancing for the last several decades, Vegas is only topless. Contact allowed in Vegas is relatively open in full view of everyone, Canada it is illegal with the nudity stipulation. Contact between dancers is also highly regulated. Quite different from what it was 15 years ago. Stage/audience interaction was banned in western Canada over the last 5 years.  Not in Vegas.

Vegas is very busy and has a huge amount of through traffic at all times, it is also full on smoking friendly indoors unless its a restaurant. At their strip clubs there’s no feature performers at all and so it was flagrant repetition of boredom after 10 minutes in the club. Unless you were SPECIFICALLY looking for a private dance, there’s no reason to be there and the entrance fee is huge compared to the value of the experience. Was far from impressed and was quite let down from the hype given off. Expected a lot more and got nothing. Eastern Canada is no different and has Feature dancers and different regulations with lower cost. Also helps being able to breath without getting sick from the smoke.

The place where people go to see legit performances are the incredible Cirque Du Soleil shows that are permanent attractions at the major hotels like the Ballagio, Aria, New York New York, The Mirage, The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Treasure Island, MGM Grand and the Luxor.  All amazing shows, incredible work and Cirque never lets down. We went to Zumanity and O respectively as our time was limited between AVN scheduling.

One venue we very much wanted to experience but completely ran out of time for was the awesome Tournament of Kings, live dinner theatre where full on horse mounted jousting, trick riding and fun looked entertaining. As a horse fan I’d have loved to see that.

Food varied a lot in taste available and shopping for everything was easily accessible.  The main focus of Vegas was very clearly gambling. Everywhere from hotel lobby to airport lounge was a machine to help you lose your shirt.