Changing the system.

Performance pay based on a quota system ONLy works when there is a guaranteed high volume audience. When there is no audience and its a struggle for all involved to survive then there needs to be drastic change. Cut the number of freelancers and keep their numbers low so those with actual work cost overhead can actually meet the mandatory business guidelines.


Its funny how money is so valued and yet the value of respect has been forgotten. Respect for a craft, respect for people, respect for tradition and respect for the future. Its something that used to be more important but somehow its been shuffled under the bed.

Its assumed that respect is a given when it has to be earned. It takes time to build and it must be maintained. Its not a short term fad but a long term investment from all sides. We need to remember that.

Fetish interaction.

This is a quite delayed post, inadvertently, finally written down with some time and the right mind set to do so.

I find generic interaction to be rather bland. Expected actions that go through the motions and don’t have much soul or interest within them are extremely lacklustre. Its boring. There’s nothing unusual about it and it blends together into nothing.

Fetish is many faceted, its many layered and requires a lot of insight, understanding and instinctual guidance to appreciate fully. Its not connected with real life overall but is an exploration of the facets of our subconscious that drives us but at the same time scares us. It takes a lot of courage to take the time to self examine ones fears and attractions.

Attraction and sensuality cannot be faked. Its either real and inspiring or flat. I find no greater high then the exploration of the unknown and the revelation of vulnerability and raw reaction. Honest surrender and feedback is truly precious as its so very rare.


Burnout of the Alberta circuit.

As a full time performer I find that the inspiration to do my work in Alberta with its exhausting demands is dwindling. I’m beginning to lack the inspiration and drive to do the work and thats a definite sign of needing a break overall. Its underlined by dying economy and lacking business recognition of the respect that should be given to those who are losing their jobs every day on all economic levels. The stress remains on the amount of private dances that are sold and no longer on the comfort and the escape that stage entertainment should provide. Its no longer economically viable to keep maintaining bad business practices and losing money as result.

The interest is to expand internationally and explore other creative avenues that give more fulfilling rewards and meeting people that help with overall learning and growth. This coming year is time to venture into the unknown.