Aahhh the joys of tech snafu.

Its funny how I have no problem doing hot wax shows, skin contact fire performance and funky bondage but hand me a computer and its a staring contest with an unblinking screen that I lose 9 times out of 10 in frustration.

Apologies for the long delay in update, I have now somewhat modernized my tools of media communication and the mysteries of Wi-Fi hookup. Its a beautiful thing having things semi working. Still have a few snags in the laptop that will be figured out at some point.

I must say though I am most comfortable in the shoes of creative director, model and stylist. The beauty of hands on creation and collective vision is something that is a brilliant outlet for the imagination on many levels. Computer programing is like trying to eat a sandwich via chopsticks with your toes as the only leverage. And it requires the patience of a saint to navigate through all the jargon, many steps and rolls of system red tape.