Work focus.

It is interesting how when working a full show schedule of 6 or 7 days a week it’s not easy to relax the mind and chill very much. To be ready for work takes a lot of preparation of tools, props, sewing ballet shoes, fixing damaged boots &/or costumes and prepping of promotional materials like making magnets, creating/planning/styling photo shoots and learning new show skillz. The photo shoots themselves can take up to 9 hrs to do if not more though that’s a rough average for high level complex work.

When developing your brand as a performer it’s up to you what degree of attention you give to your work. That care is what defines you and can dictate the quality of your reputation and artistic value. The choice is yours what you do.

Investment is not cheap but quality is what lasts in memory of those who see your work. If an individual chooses to cut corners, be sloppy or lax, that is remembered and becomes what they are known for. You live once, make your life and work count. There’s no point to be sloppy in it when it is poorly remembered.

Tech supervision.

I will say as a timid tech person that it very much helps having a friendly guide to oversee wading through the soup that is system setup and different tech processes. Without it there would be components shrapnelled in the walls & ceiling out of frustration.

I truly do envy those who relish complex programming systems and love diving into the absolute latest gadgets to see how they work inside and out. Its a lot like magic, you have to know how to do it to really push it to its furthest extent. Care and a lot of attention are key to mastering that strange art form.

The joys of learning tech.

It’s very much a step by step learning process to figure out the varied electronic devices that are available in the world today. I run into a bit of a problem as I don’t ever play video games on anything and yet they are mandatory inset apps in everything from iPod to cell and laptop. For me they take up space I would prefer to use for inspiration image library and film resources. Interesting things are always firing up the hamsters so the fun never stops.

The funny part is if a good number of video games ever did a really interesting either live action or stunningly animated film I WOULD be more then happy to watch that. I remain an addicted visual person, concrete story and action are a must.


The ideological visual source.

The main source of creative inspiration for me is the power of colour, the beauty of natural settings and simple visuals vs busy and cluttered. This image was taken in October in the Lynn Valley Canyon in BC, it was very cold and very beautiful at the same time.

My feet, wearing no footwear for the shoot, were freezing and pretty much so was the rest of me. It was a starting point of understanding that physical comfort has nothing to do with making a good or striking image. Quite often the most beautiful images ever created were taken by accident or through difficult/extreme conditions. Bottom line is being comfortable with your photographer and safe in the environment you are working in, whether its with the crew or the setup. Everything comes together to help create art, its not a single person running game.


Classic sparkle and feathers.

Before I became a stage performer I was a very shy and simple colour wearing dresser. I wasn’t comfortable wearing dresses or bright colours and was not inclusive to having sequins in the closet at all. I wore a lot of pants and turtle necks, they were very comfy but also very practical and warm but not flashy.

Becoming a performer is requisit with getting into sparkle and the bigger the show the better. I now have an addiction with striking colours, LOTS of sparkle and making the costume as visually/theatrically maximum wow factor as possible. Unfortunately that tends to make equally jaw dropping extra baggage costs on most modes of transport but thats unavoidable. Sadly teleportation is as yet a Sci Fi dream. I’d use it till the poor machine blew a fuse..

This costume is a mystery overall, its a classic old school festoon of gorgeousness and always appreciated when an opportunity arises to care for such vintage pieces. Audiences always appreciate the glitter of mystery.


The beautiful Charlotte Olympia

As a stage performer who has been dancing since the age of 5, the power and effectiveness of well fitting shoes is deeply understood and appreciated. One can accomodate an ill fitting costume or wierd music for a performance but if the shoes are fitted poorly then no go for the show.

I have learned, through wearing a LOT of different shoes for both athletics and dance, that shoes are one thing that you cannot skimp on fit or comfort. If the shoe/boot/pointe shoe/ballet slipper fits, its an investment that pays off by allowing you to move in comfort and grace with much reduced after effects of long hours on the feet.

I never had much of a shoe fetish as a child until I became a stage performer professionally, then it started to be of more interest when my clothing fascination expanded as well.

Design wise I have to say I love classic shape and elegant line but also solidity and long lasting comfort. These Charlotte Olympia shoes are beautiful examples of comfort and style. Drooling!!


The Vancouver Taboo show.

Actually just realized I am working out of town most of January so won’t be attending the Vancouver Taboo Show this year, though I have for the last several years in different capacities as fetish model then as attendee. Its always tricky balancing work and venues.

February I am looking to go to the Venice Carnival, double as a beautiful venue visit and seeing what performances they enjoy to liven atmosphere and create the spectacle. I would definitely be bringing my fire wands, candles and fans. Better to be prepared and not need it then need it and not have it!! Will be epic fun packing costumes as the full sequin coats are super intricate and heavy. Must be packed well because full sequin clothing has a habit of being very carnivorous and ruthless with itself.

Traveling internationally will be an awesome experience!!!

Sparkly nasty things.

I LOVE sparkle and I love sharp, detailed and strikingly unique design, something doesn’t need to be chunky or huge to be wicked and effective. This collar is a beautiful example of nasty elegance in graceful form that I will at some point use in a shoot and/or performance but not sure yet what kind of concept/colour palette will work best. Its not a piece that is for hard use drenched in sweat or grime, in the meantime it remains a precioussssssss.. to be loved and adored.



Different candle waxes.

I have done literally thousands of hot wax shows over the last 4 years, sometimes 7 days a week, twice a day by special request of different members of the audience. When I started doing the shows I used a specific candle brand and was most happy with the pouring speed, flow consistency of the wax and the burn evenness of the wick. I always bought in bulk as I used so many candles.

Unfortunately my regular company that I bought from stopped production for some reason and I was rather shocked. They were super good candles, why stop making a good thing? Apparently they weren’t selling enough regardless of being regularly boxed by the pound. Currently I am still on the hunt for a close melting brand.

pound for my travels.

Experienced hot wax performance.

I love hot wax performance, its visually striking, at once personal and intensely voyeuristic. It also does require elements of pain as I don’t use sex wax, which melts into a jam/slick oil consistency, but more hardened organic non/minimal petroleum waxes for my shows.

The wax melts and then re-hardens once it lands on the skin. It is then scraped off by hand as it is somewhat fragile in thin poured drops. I am always careful to keep the show contained on a large blanket so it doesn’t flake off onto the stage and someone else wipes out as a result. I have done so many wax shows it’s down to a science of pour and cleanup.

The interesting thing most people are perhaps unaware of with wax is that it is never simply “wax”. All candles are specific mixtures of wax, hardener and perfume. The perfume type and hardener interact and will dictate the temperature of the candle melt so before doing any wax play it is advisable to test the candle wax on a non vulnerable arm and ask your partner what are their thoughts on pain levels and interest.

Safe fun only!! Be aware, I always test candles before melting them anywhere that may be uncomfortable if done wrong.