Floating laughter..


It was a challenge to maneuver into balance for single rope waist suspension.The concept was basic but the execution was another animal. The rope kept wanting to introduce a circular slow spin into the movement. Ryan ended up grabbing my foot & keeping the spin to a minimum by pushing the leg reverse spin. It was a challenge to maintain balance. Regardless of the practical fun it was an experience of peace and graceful stretching doing the single rope suspension..

Suspended meditation


I love suspension, this shoot was a super simple concept and yet it was a quite intricate tie. 7ft off the ground & needed to be supported by 2 people as the whole thing was hoisted into the air. Was super relaxing, beautiful and meditative to do. Very much not something to try unless your rope artist knows what he/she is doing because the ties are very specific and must be done properly for maximum safety and enjoyment. It was also tied on a solid table vs the floor so it was begun at comfortable height for all involved. Because it was a more complex suspension, during reasonable intervals I was hoisted down to prevent circulation problems which are a concern with more extreme work. Incredibly freeing though aside from the difficulties involved!!

Fiery pheonix & chrysanthemum.


I keep forgetting and newly get reminded by the clothing itself, just how unpredictable it is to fully express such a complex piece of clothing as a wedding kimono (Uchikake) with a nude figure. Unless you pan around with a film camera its a challenge to get more detailed angle. This concept didn’t work out as I had planned but did show just how stunningly rich the colour is for this brilliant piece. I did re do the idea and the key was adding a mirror to give depth/perspective.

Flogging fun..


I have to admit I greatly enjoy giving a good flogging while getting it really doesn’t do it for me. Its something that takes a goodly amount of practice, focus, good breathing and an agile wrist. Flick things sloppy and nothing will work right. Timing and momentum are key factors. Rhythm being a very valuable skill to develop.

Behind the scenes hot wax duo.

Hot wax duo behind the scenes.
Hot wax duo behind the scenes.

I don’t often do duos because chemistry is not an easy thing to have and it is quite unique adding in the hot wax. The awesome English Rose was super sexy and fun to work with, I love curvy women for their grace and sensuality, it definitely was a very enjoyable afternoon I must say.. *cheeky grin*