Oddly enough I find suspensions, though not side ones, to be extremely relaxing to do. Its like meditating in extreme form. Its a physical challenge but its also intensely freeing for the mind & body.

The side suspension. Ouch.

Side tie. Owwww the boobs.

Wow this tie was brutal. I had no idea what it meant when I was told I had dense breast tissue. Then I did this little number. Having all your weight squeezed onto boob tissue is a powerful experience. Not a light thing to do for a relaxing afternoon. O.o

Behind the scenes.

As a performer I also enjoy working with fire and will have a behind the scenes clip uploaded by the end of the week. Someone in the audience did a quite good cell capture of my show up in Whitecourt that I hounded them for a copy of and finally got it. Well worth the hassle of retrieval!!

The eroticism..

Being tied up is hot. Seeing others tied up is also hot, doesn’t matter if its a guy or girl. Its also friggin sweet when someone knows how to tie well, not only for your own health & safety but because damn, it takes a lot of patience & attention to detail. Its not something you can fake with good results. And did I mention high level skillz are sexy?

Tying and pain/eroticism.

Pain is an interesting thing, bondage does indeed hurt. Its not for you if pain freaks you out or you can’t deal with being confined in tight situations. There’s no escaping a solid tie on your own.

Pain is its own kind of drug, kind of like tattoos and piercings for many people but unlike them its not a permanent medium in its results. Its an intense concentrated feeling for varied lengths of time and the level of pain depends on how extreme the tie. Once you are tied up the pain escalates & then hits a plateaux where you kind of float off. Everyone has different reactions so there is no one experience fits all.

I kind of trance out when getting tied up, it’s the beauty of not needing to be in control & trusting someone else to do the work securely. I especially love crazy suspensions as they’re so freeing.

The question of how I got into bondage.

I got into bondage by accident, tripping over an amazing rope Masters work who is well known in the US and dropping him a line if he needed anyone for one of his ties up in BC. He asked if I had ever been tied before and when I said no then he recommended people that he’d worked with before & we met up and so began the journey into the art of rope bondage.