Hello peeps, first blog comment! As the one in the rope on this site I gotta say that it’s a good idea to know the person you will tie with before you do a tie because if you don’t, it can be quite risky if they don’t know what they’re doing.

I once worked with a photographer who said he wished to try some suspensions and naively I agreed as before I had only worked with professionally skilled people. As he was tying the ropes around me I noticed that something seemed a little off, the rope was just looped around, seemingly without anchor. When time came to lift into suspension all the rope slid up & jammed into the ribs, back & constricted breathing while the back half collapsed.

There was no support given, no awareness of the damage of the accident & no move to untie the disaster. Finally when I was being lowered it was a jerky process, again no support and the body was not happy at all. The untying was not immediate and by this time was long overdue. I mentioned to the photographer that if he doesn’t know how to tie properly then he should not be doing this. By the time I was heading home from the shoot I was still trying to breathe properly & have since had recurring back problems from stress & lifting.