Adrianne Spring, Performer

Adrianne Spring

Adrianne Spring was born in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Growing up surrounded by lush wilderness, classical Hollywood films, and Japanese animation, she developed a fascination for classical art, fashion, and fantasy. These elements shaped her taste and creative vision early on. Lifelong love of performance with a passion for elegance and detail blossomed into her unique style, flowing seamlessly between high fashion, burlesque rooted performance and fetish. She was also immersed in the world of classical ballet from the age of 5, retaining a lifelong obsession with the grace of movement en pointe and the strength that rigorous training entailed. It’s a continuous evolution to integrate classical skills with modern themes and adapt that work to varied venues and new skills.

Adrianne’s introduction to fetish and B.D.S.M. (Bondage/Discipline, Sadism/Masochism) and Kinbaku (erotic rope bondage) or Shibari  (to bind) more commonly known simply as Japanese rope bondage was the eerie 2000 film: “The Cell.” Directed by Tarsem Singh with the stunning creations of Eiko Ishioka, the visuals revealed a world of extreme exploration previously unknown to her. Researching resources to explore this new medium, Adrianne discovered the much larger fetish and bondage community scattered throughout North America. Establishing a network of talented artists within the field, she began creating her own works of inspiration as she learned the ropes from scratch.

Today, she continues the craft of classical and  fetish performance. She loves expanding her talents by exploring the fascinating fetish fantasies of others while working towards creating stunning art that is both deeply stirring yet unsurpassed in elegance and beauty.

As a performer Adrianne has become known for extremely varied stage skills that range from the classics of ballet and vintage 30/40 ‘s burlesque to raw fire and hot wax fetish performance.

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